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• Centre: A walk before the session can be nice, or you can just sit still for a little while before the session. To focus all your attention on this moment you've taken for yourself.

• Caffeine: Avoid any excessive amounts of caffeine, and if you are not used to it, avoid it all together.

• Alcohol and drugs: Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs at least 24 hours before your session.

• Clothes: Wear comfortable clothes that you feel relaxed in.


Please have all the preparation set-up before entering the online room. Meaning the camera, headphones, comfortable seat for the session, etc. are all set up when entering the session.


• Platform: Get used to Google Meet and prepare your equipment before the session.

• Check devices: enough battery, stable internet connection, phone on silent, etc.

• Where: place the device next to yourself, e.g., on a table to the side, in a stable position so there is no risk that the device will fall over during the session.

• Camera: place and angle the camera so I can clearly see your face and upper body area.

• Headphones: use headphones, as this helps us communicate better.

• Position: find a comfortable, relaxing position, which may be relaxing on a sofa, sitting comfortably in an armchair, lying in a bed, etc.

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Allow yourself to move from being the sender to the receiver. When we try and want to send out information, etc., we are sending.

In hypnosis, we instead allow ourselves to be the receiver; we just take it in and allow the process to happen.

The more we try to get into hypnosis and push, the more we make it harder for ourselves. Thus, just relax to the best of your ability and follow the guidance, and you'll soon drift into a wonderful state of hypnosis that is calm, relaxed, and safe.


• For thos who wish, practise these exercises before the session, as it will help you get as much as possible from the session.

Place yourself in a relaxed, comfortable position and follow the guidance.

NOTE: Do not listen while driving or operating machinery. Only listen in a place where you can relax and let go.

Practise 1Imagine
00:00 / 10:36
Practise 2Balloon
00:00 / 07:38



• Hypnosis: Follow the instructions, and you will be on your way to a wonderful, relaxing, calming state. Once here, I will continue to guide you to through stories, suggestions, and encourage your inner self and imagination to explore, heal and facilitate positive change.


The experience of the hypnotic state is individual and can be different for each session as well as change throughout the session.


• Expectations: People often expect or want their hypnosis session to be like one in a movie. Please know that the experience is very individual, and there is no given "rule" on what will bring the best nurturing for you.

Instead, allow the impressions that arise to arise and experience them as they are, whether they are visuals, physical sensations, feelings, sounds, smells, or an emotional or knowing feeling.

It is about allowing first impressions to be expressed, and through allowing yourself to experience whatever arises, the experience unfold.

In other words, we avoid controlling the experience and impressions. Instead, we give trust to our inner self to guide us, show us what we need, and process what serves us.

• Avoid editing or analysing: Simply allow yourself to receive whatever impressions your inner self is showing you. Avoid editing or analysing during the session; instead, follow the experience.

• Fantasy or Reality?: Everything we have experienced is stored inside of us, as are the answers and healing we are seeking. Allow yourself to be involved in what's happening, and don't pay attention if it feels real or like a fantasy. When impressions come from the inside, they come through our senses, and that's what fantasies do too.

So, let go of the thoughts, whether they are fantasies or previous memories, and this will help you get out the full possibilities of the session.


• Time: Give yourself time to absorb and integrate the session before you start doing things that require your full attention.

• Eat and Drink: It's advised to drink plenty of water after a session and to take in a meal afterwards; this helps to ground yourself again.

Grounding: Place your feet in the ground, as this helps to ground both yourself and the experience.

• Write: For many, it can be a wonderful way to absorb the session more deeply through writing or creating in general.

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