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Hypnosis is a gentle yet powerful process of going deep within, into a wonderful calming state, and staying there throughout the session. This combination provides a deeper level of relaxation, awareness, and clarity.


The focus of hypnosis is on healing and creating change in the subconscious mind while in a hypnotic state, resulting in the release of distress, and the nourishing healing of body, mind, heart, and soul.


As the hypnotic state is a state when we are highly open to suggestibility, the suggestions and stories given for change are more readily and easily absorbed into the subconscious mind, where the deeper healing within us happens.


Each session has a certain focus, be it stress release, energy recharge, clarity, habit and limitation release, the spiritual process, etc.


This method is great for those who find it hard to still the chattering mind and is a beautiful introduction to the world of hypnosis. It allows you to experience and get a deeper understanding of what hypnosis is and feels like, the possibilities of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, as well as the healing and nurturing you receive during the session.


Group Hypnosis

• A session starts with a pre-talk in which I share some information about what hypnosis is and what will happen in the session.


• Then, I will guide the group into a hypnotic state through breath, sight, feelings, physical sensations, sounds, smells, and imagination.


• Once in hypnosis, I will share suggestions, stories, and encourage your inner self and imagination to explore and facilitate positive change.


• Finally, post-talk, we will discuss any questions and allow those who wish to share their experience to do so.

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