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Past life regression and spiritual processes are beautiful methods to deepen healing and wisdom within.


These processes are often very fascinating, and clients who go through them often get amazing results and healing, no matter if they believe in past lives or that it's a reflection of their subconscious mind.


These sessions are not psychic readings. Instead, as your therapist, I help guide you to important events, feelings, and experiences from past lives and the spiritual world. It is about finding and understanding its relevance to your current life, as well as releasing and healing where needed.


Some of the benefits that clients have gained from these processes are:


• Deeper insight into current relationships

• Understanding and resolving karmic patterns and behaviours

• Lowering fears associated with death and dying

• Healing sicknesses, diseases, addictions, and bad habits that don’t have a reasonable explanation

• Communicate with the past life self, the spirit realm, and source to gain a better understanding of life and the present life situation.


Past life

• A session starts with a pre-talk to clarify the process, address any issues, and create clarity on the desired outcome.


• I will then guide you into a hypnotic state.


• Once you're in hypnosis, we work with regression to previous lives and/or the spirit realm.


• Once here, the process will vary depending on the issue; generally, we process understanding, releasing, and healing according to what may show up and be needed in the session.


• Finally, post-talk, to further help the process and discuss any questions.

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