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addiction unhealthy habits
  • Smoking, drinking, gambling, drugs, sex & porn, phone & screen

  • Nail biting, teeth grinding, scratching

  • Overworking, video gaming, shopping 

  • Unhealthy eating, bulimia, anorexia, dieting

Unhealthy Habits


strong emotional disruptions

Strong Emotional Disruptions

  • Anxiety & stress 

  • Depression & low energy 

  • Panic attacks

  • PTSD emotional imprints 

  • OCD behaviour, constant worry & nervousness 

  • Shame & guilt 

  • Grief & constant sadness

  • Need for control

Emotional Patterns

  • Self-esteem, confidence, negative self talk

  • Victimisation mentality

  • Feelings of being lonely, helpless & hopeless

  • Pessimistic, critical, judgmental,  jealous, possessive, controlling

  • Issues of anger/rage outbursts



  • Fear of love, rejection, loneliness 

  • Not finding or attracting the wrong kind of romantic partner and/or friends 

  • Pushing people away  and/or codependency

  • Trust and security issues 

  • Difficulties interacting with family members & others

  • Sexual issues 

  • Infidelity​

fear phobia



  • Flying, public speaking 

  • Animals: spider, snakes, dogs, insects, etc.

  • Heights, ocean & waves, small spaces 

  • Dentist, needles​​

  • Death, abandonment, rejection

  • Fear of failure, success, living in the unknown

You upgrade personal development

You 2.0  

  • Clarity & direction

  • Motivation

  • Sports performance 

  • Health issues

  • Physical pain relief

  • Insomnia & other sleeping issues 

  • Financial blockages

spiritual processes higher consciousness

Spiritual Processes

  • Past life regression

  • Source connection

  • Higher guidance: spirit guides, higher self

  • Life and Soul purpose

  • Spirit Release Therapy

  • Energetic attachment release

  • Most significant blocks

  • Generational (trauma) heritage

  • Death-related concerns

plant medicine preparation

Plant Medicine


  • Explore & clarify your Intention 

  • Release any expectations

  • Figure out if any hesitation or doubt is a healthy respect for the plants or a real resistance to them.

  • Process & release fear, control, worry, or other resisting issues in order to have a deeper experience of the plant medicine journey

  • Cleanse and prepare to absorb more of the plant medicine teachings and healing.

integration psychedelic therapy psychoactives

Plant Medicine


  • Embody the meaning of your visions and insights.

  • Apply the teachings to your daily life.

  • Create a daily practise of cleansing, balancing, and grounding.

  • Clarify what you seek to heal or grow in your life.

  • Deconstruct the shadow pieces that might arise in a ceremony.

  • Release & heal any overwhelming experiences or residues of subconscious material.

…and more! 

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gregg braden belief miracle hope

“We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles”

— Gregg Braden

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