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We might fall, but fail. Nope!

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

There is no such thing as failing. ⁠

We might fall, but fail, nope.⁠

Well, you might say then, "But, I failed on that exam or I didn't achieve that other thing I wanted". ⁠

Did you really fail though? Could that maybe be it was your first practice to learn and process that exam or how to achieve that thing?⁠

We would never tell a child that's learning to walk that it's failing whenever it falls. Yet we do it to ourselves constantly. Why is that, and how fair is it really? ⁠

When we are learning something new, we are no different to a child learning to walk.

That is new to them and they go through a process until they learn to walk and then they don't stop there.

They start by crawling at first, eventually moving up to their knees. Then standing up, and eventually trying and taking their first steps. And before you know it they are running.

And in this process how many times do they not fall?

Really take it in.

And imagine when a child falls it saying, nope, "I am not trying more because I failed", or a child crawling saying "I am not good enough because I can't run".

A part of you might say it's not the same thing.

Why is it not?


Much Love,

Gule 💚

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