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Setting an intention for our plant medicine ceremony helps us in various ways.

First to understand why we are seeking this practice, what do we wish to gain and grow from a plant ceremony?

Second, by having an intention/phrase that we can come back to, it then helps us during the ceremony to keep us anchored and not get lost in the experience. You can also call it a mantra or prayer, what feels right for you.

Third, the master plants as Ayahuasca are often described as a teachers ( or a doctors). Imagine now that there is a teacher across you that you seek guidance and knowledge from. If you tell the teacher directly what it is you wish guidance in or knowledge about, then the teacher can easy share that information. You can view Ayahuasca and other master plants in that way too. If you approach the teacher knowing what it is you want to heal or learn, the teacher can share that directly and you learn more and deeper from it.


Follow the steps below to create your intention

Choose one of these -->

• Help Me  -

• Show Me -

• Teach Me -

In combination with -->

• A difficult emotion such as fear, anger, stress, shame, grief, stress etc.


• An essential quality such as peace, love, compassion, connection, joy etc.
Qualities that are part of our essence that we might have become disconnected from through traumatising experiences.

So it could be something like this -->

• Help Me  - Experience Joy

• Show Me - My Fear

• Teach Me - About Love

*These are short variations to show examples.

You create your intention in way and words that feels right for you.

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