Dynamic Emotional Therapy (DET)

Dynamic Emotional Therapy (DET) is about finding, facing, letting go and becoming free from limited negative subconscious programming, and then creating new favourable and supportive programs.

It is built on the foundation that the most influential perceptual programming of the subconscious mind occurs up until 6-7 years of age. DET also draws much from the attachment theory where close- and emotional relationships in the first years of life are of great importance for an individual’s development. These combinations with that the therapy is happening in the hypnotic state is what makes DET extremely powerful. 

We know that if we feel a certain way or are in a place we don’t want to be in, we must change something and often we might even know exactly what those changes are. This intellectual understanding comes easy to many. Yet, it is so hard and complex to bring this to action. Why is that? And if you could think and talk yourself out of a problem or into a wanted solution, would you not have done that already? 


Of course you would. The issue comes down to the super-fast subconscious mind which almost always wins over the rational and logical mental mind. The subconscious mind also accounts for 95% of our daily activity, making real and lifelong lasting change even harder to happen on a conscious level. 








Children’s ability for their conscious presence, imagination and creativity has to do with theta brain waves. They are also constant recipients of their surroundings. Just like a sponge absorbing water, we/the subconscious mind absorbed all information presented to us in these early years. This information is what becomes the foundation of how we view and feel towards ourselves, our family and outer connections. Because theta state doesn’t have a critical filter or rational and analytical thinking it is also open for negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours from the outside to form roots within us. Thus, our protective mechanism in adulthood comes from strong emotional experiences we had as a child and when we felt that our security and closeness was threatened.








The key to security, trust and mental tranquillity, therefore, rests in the processes and release of distressed, repressed, and other strong emotional experiences when we as children experienced our security, care and closeness threatened. Interestingly enough, in this process, many clients find completely different powerful experiences that underlie their insecurities and fears than what their logical, analytical and rational mental mind thought it to be. 


However, it happens that clients  access memories that are beyond this life. No matter what you think about past lives, all the clients who end up in another life have achieved incredible results. Many times, they have been stunned at their experiences but at the same time relieved. In most cases, these clients have sought reconciliation with one or both parents without really getting rid of their nagging and restrictive behaviour.


By finding the true origin of the program, the change becomes powerful and lasting.


Things that come easy to you,

you have a subconscious program supporting that.


Things you struggle with,

you have a subconscious program supporting that.

The key, therefore, lies within reprogramming the subconscious mind.


Neuroscience shows that attachment and defence mechanism is taught up until the age of six-seven when the brain operates in constant theta brain waves.

Theta brain waves=hypnosis  --->  subconscious mind 

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