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What clients say 

Gule helped me during our first session to become “whole”. I asked to come for a session to adress relationship and why I had always been drawn and attracting the wrong kind of people.

During the session the memory of when my father left my mother, when he left us, came up. I was around 1,5 years then. I came to understand how ever since that moment, I’ve felt “half”, but through meeting my dad and resolving all that pain, I came to feel whole again.

The session was extremely powerful and has given a lasting change. For the first time in a very long time, I enjoy being a single mom. That is very profound”

-Caroline (34)

Gule Akman

Hi, I am glad you are here!

I believe we all have an innate desire to seek out who we are at our inner most core. I also believe we are more powerful and resilient than most of us can imagine. Most of all I believe that we at our core are exactly what we've been looking for and we are perfect as we are. These beliefs are also the essential reason why I today work as a therapist, and how I approach sessions.

I create a judgement free safe space for you to really be able to relax into the process, into yourself and allow what needs to come up to come up. It’s about finding and healing what is creating the symptoms you are facing, and working with it from its origin, at the root cause. My intention is always to be the best therapist for you and to create lifelong lasting changes for you. 

By nature I am very curious, love learning and see problems as creative challenges. I also listened deeply to intuition, and I bring all these qualities into the sessions.


Having myself witnessed and experienced deep trauma and overall a lot of pain and turbulence early on in childhood, I first hand know how that can continue to create obstacles and suffering as one continues in life. // I also know that one does not have to have lived deep trauma in order to experience pain, confusion and obstacles in life.  // I also know that we all have experienced some form of trauma and that unresolved pain and hurt causes pain, confusion and obstacles in life. //  But, what I most importantly know is that when we heal our past, truly heal at the depts, that is also when we gain so much wisdom and love from our past. Naturally, this comes to serve us, and opening up for us to really live our best life, today and tomorrow.

So, I hope that I get to meet you, work with you and witness your transformation. 


Much Love,

Gule 💚


“We are never more than a belief away from our greatest love, deepest healing, and most profound miracles”

— Gregg Braden

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