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Becoming You

"Gule helped me during our first session to become “whole”. I asked to come for a session to address relationship and why I had always been drawn and attracting the wrong kind of people.

During the session, the memory of when my father left my mother, when he left us, came up. I was around 1,5 years then. I came to understand how since that moment, I’ve felt “half”, but through meeting my dad and resolving all that pain, I came to feel whole again.

The session was extremely powerful and has given a lasting change. For the first time in a very long time, I enjoy being a single mom. That is very very profound”



Self Sabotage

"I have to admit that my knowledge about hypnotherapy was extremely limited and filled with various degrees of stereotypes, nevertheless I decided to try with an open mind as well as open heart and I was absolutely blown away. 

The most extraordinary thing happened, I managed to go as deep as I've ever been, to the point that I felt as I took the back seat of the car that is my body and mind, words, experiences and memories came out with me a spectator. 

I found it all extremely intriguing and most of all beneficial to understand the blocks I wanted to work on. 

I highly recommend it and I am grateful for this wonderful experience."

— Chris 


"What I love most about working with Gule is that she is so amazing in making you feel safe.
She is caring, loving and makes you feel deeply held and taken care of. 
You can relax and let go, knowing that you are in the right place.

She makes sure that you have all the information you need and that all of your questions are answered.
She also has the capacity to make you feel that you are a team which in itself is soothing, 

creates safety and allows for more softening in your body and mind. 

I have had a few sessions with Gule now and they all have been very healing and transformative.
I would recommend Gule and MELT to anyone who is ready to go deeper in their transformation journey.

Thank you Gule!!
You are the best."





"Like many people, my life started off badly with a lot of trauma. I tried to heal it, like many people too, by traditional psychoanalysis. It did help me express it a lot, but there was still intrinsic trauma in my body.

The meeting with Gulle was a new step in the expression and acceptance of what had built me. The hypnotherapy sessions with her helped me go to the next level in understanding, the physical feeling of the advancement of my psyche, and the improvement of my mind. I had access to a precious memory, painful, but necessary for my advancement .

The softness of my therapist, her investment, her professional conscience, guided me, step by step, towards a stronger, more solid, more real conscience.

I feel today, and it may seem strange, that my body remembers the healing. I feel today that I am much more at peace with my past than I was before the hypnotherapy sessions. I feel stronger, bigger, and have a more serene look to the future.


I thank Gulle very much, for her listening, her devotion, and her empathy."


Postpartum Anxiety

"My session with Gule couldn't be more divinely timed. I was suffering quite intensively from postpartum anxiety and couldn't understand where it was coming from. Gule offered me a session and things have been so, SO much better since.


It was amazing how she held such a beautiful space for me to unfold and surrender in. For the first time in weeks, I was able to relax into my body, while she guided me through deep hypnosis. There, she did such powerful work that I can honestly say I have barely felt the anxiety since.


A greatly gifted woman you are, Gule, and I can't wait for our next session next time in Bali!! Thank you so much for everything."




"My experience with the hypnosis therapy of Gule was one of a kind.

I’ve never done something like that before and was a bit nervous but with the warm and open way Gule welcomed me into the session, my anxiety eased quickly.

The sessions we had helped me a lot to get to the root of my problem and showed me a way to change my perspective on myself.

Gule always guided me in a peaceful yet direct way to face what was causing my uncomfortableness.


I would highly recommend booking in sessions with her! Definitely was worth it for me."


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