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Center- A walk before the session can be nice, or just to sit still for little while before the session. To focus all your attention on this moment you've taken for yourself.

Caffeine - Avoid any excessive amounts of caffeine, and if you not used to caffeine avoid it all together.  

Alcohol/ drugs  - Avoid alcohol and recreational drugs at least 24 hours pre session.

Clothes - Wear comfortable clothes that you feel relaxed in.


Platform - Get used to Zoom and prepare your equipment before the session.

Check Devices - enough battery, stable internet connection & phone on silence etc.

Where - place the device next to yourself, e.i on a table on the side, in a stable position so there is no risk that the computer fall over during the session.

Camera - place and angle the camera so I can clearly see your face and upper body area.

Position - Find a comfortable position half lying/lying down ( ~45° degree angle)

Headphones - use headphones as this helps us to hear each other better.




Hypnosis - Follow the instructions and you will be in a wonderful relaxing calming state. Once here I will continue to guide you to meaningful moments and emotions. The experience of the hypnotic state is individual as well as can be different for each session


• Expectations - People often expect or want their hypnosis session to be like in a movie. Please know that the experience is very individual , and not what necessarily will bring best result for you.

Instead a key impression can provide the key message. It could provide more of an emotions and sense of knowing.

It is about allowing first impressions to be expressed, and through retelling impressions as they appear, the whole picture and experience unfolds.

Avoid Editing or Analysing - Give an unedited, unanalysed stream of consciousness of what you actually experience, whatever that may be. Just tell me simply what comes up, as it comes up,, and follow the spirit of instructions and questions.

Fantasy or Reality - Everything we have experienced is stored inside of us. Allow yourself to be involved in what's happening and don't pay attention if it feels real or as fantasies. When impressions comes from our inside, they come through our senses, that's what fantasies do too.

So, let go of the thoughts if it is a fantasy or previous memories, and this will help  you to get out the full possibilities of the session.

Communication - When you start to share impressions of what you see, hear, feel or sense, I will guide you into important and meaningful moments. Trust that your subconscious provides all that you need. The more trust we bring in and let go of the conscious analytical, rational mind, the more we open up to the meaningful moments.


You always have an open invitation to speak at any time, even if I haven't asked you a question. This won't disturb your state, it will help you go deeper. I will ask you questions and you will be able to reply.


Practise- Practice this exercise before the session as it will help you to get out as much as possible from the session.

Place yourself in a realxed comfortable position and follow the guidance.

NOTE - Do not listen to while driving or operating machinery.  // Only listen in a place where you can relax and let go.

00:00 / 01:04


Expectations - Best to your ability let go of all expectation, analytical thinking and what you believe is possible and not. As well as let go of the "wanting to control"  the session and process.

Instead allow the subconscious to be in the driver seat and lead the way, show and reveal first things coming up. It's important to be honest, and not to censor anything for the therapist as your feelings and impressions showing in hypnosis is what helps me to further guide you into releasing and healing the issues you facing.

Will & Honesty  - It is important to want to follow instructions, to want resolve ones issue and to communicate honestly with me.

Sometimes it happens that clients choose not be honest with me; they by choice don't communicate what happens, or don't want to address the feelings and issues showing up.

This will of course not lead to any healing.

Please Note; this is not the same as being nervous or even scared at times for what might show up, that is normal and at times part of the process. As for communication, it happens at times so much happening in the hypnosis or in such deep state that clients interaction becomes slow. This is normal, and very different from consciously not communicating.

Nor is it where there is trust issues; I'm not asking you to say all there is if you really not feeling comfortable nor trust. In those situation it's more a matter of communication that you don't feel you want to share more, or feel scared of sharing,. And we can then meet this in a way that suits you, may it be we take it slower or any other way that suits you until more trust has been built up and you feel more comfortable.

Best Results - When the client is 100% honest with me then we achieve wonderful results. But if the if the client doesn't co-operate or follow instructions, then we will end after the 3rd session.

This is simply as I don't want to waste with anyone's time, not the clients, and not mine as there are many people who needs help and wants to co-operate to heal.

Please Note; This is not the same thing as having resistance in sessions, blockages, or parts of you not daring to open up. That happens, and both normal and part of the process at times. However, it is important to want to resolve those issues, and communicate those parts.

Feedback - Please feel open to give feedback to me, as well as to be fully open of all that shows up in you before, during and after sessions. I want you to feel you can talk and express if something is not clear,  or if anything is not aligned with your view. You always have an open invitation to speak and express yourself at any time.


--> This is especially important during sessions, as most often it is part of the process.


It can be so called lighter matters or at times heavier emotions.

For example, getting annoyed in a session and it's directed at me, it happens. Don't suppress those feelings, rather communicate them, because this very annoyance is what can guide us to your emotional blueprint needed to be processed in order to heal.



Time - Give yourself time to absorb and integrate the session before you start doing things that require full attention from you. 

Eat & Drink - It's advice to drink plenty of water after session and to take in a meal afterwards, this helps to ground yourself again.

Write - For many it can be a wonderful way to deeper absorb the session through writing or creating in general. As well as it can in the beginning especially be little tricky to remember all that happened in the session.

Post Practices - If you have been given a practice, keep practicing .

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