Melt, liberate & transform

Dynamic Hypnotherapy


You are here because you curious about hypnotherapy? Good. If we were to say one thing about it; “It works, and amazingly so!”

Hypnotherapy is one of the easiest, fastest and most direct methods to transform subconscious programming. We connect and work with the subconscious mind and its programming as that is where all the blueprints, belief system and triggers are stored, both negative and positive, as well as it accounts for 95% of our daily activity.

Through the natural hypnotic state, we are in direct contact with the subconscious mind and through Dynamic Emotional (hypno) Therapy, we have the power to release and transform limitations and blockages on the root issue. This process results in lifelong lasting changes allowing you to live more freely and in line with your true desire and wishes.

Melt is here to guide you in your process of liberating and transforming any thoughts, feelings and behaviour that is stopping you to live your best life.

“What would your life be like if you learned that you are more powerful than you have ever been taught?

— Bruce Lipton



"Gule helped me during our first session to become “whole”. I asked to come for a session to address relationship and why I had always been drawn and attracting the wrong kind of people.

During the session, the memory of when my father left my mother, when he left us, came up. I was around 1,5 years then. I came to understand how since that moment, I’ve felt “half”, but through meeting my dad and resolving all that pain, I came to feel whole again.

The session was extremely powerful and has given a lasting change. For the first time in a very long time, I enjoy being a single mom. That is very very profound”



What if we said that hypnosis is completely natural, and you already have experienced it many many many times. Would you believe us? What if we also said it’s such a wonderful condition that most people just want to stay in that state of hypnosis, that state of deep relaxation, increased awareness and inner focus. Are you curious yet? Good. Please read on.