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-Confidential, all!

Hypnotherapist, EFT practitioner and also other methods, versions of Brain/Gym focus on emotional aspects

- Strong belief that you have the answers in you. The essence of you is complete and perfect as it is. We de clutter the traumas, emotional pains etc that is stuck within us.


What is hypno

- Theta brain waves - Natural State

- 95 % Subconscious vs 5 % Conscious

- Majority of it's content from our early childhood

- Habit, Superfast, Reality vs Fantasy

-Root Cause Issue & Symptom


- Process the emotional aspect of any issue

- Find, release & transform

- 2- 4 sessions / issue

Wonderful results. Still, important to have


- 1. What is the issue/s you would like to process?
2. How would you like to feel instead/the change to be?
3. What feels most urgent to you?

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