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This is for you...

If you wish to:


* Connect & go deeper within
* Transform limiting beliefs and blockages

* Let go of baggage weighing you down

* Connect with other Kurdish women around the world

* Learn & practice methods to help transform

What we will do:

* Learn to meditate / Go deeper into your meditation practice.

* Let go of old baggage weighing you down

*  Learn to re frame the issues in your life

* Release through live healing sessions

* Build up your energy level and focus

* Find your focus & clarity

* Ignite your intuition and open your heart - feel & be the authentic you

* Connect with other Kurdish women around the world

* Reflecting of and around your Kurdish roots and your ancestors

* Embrace the beauty of your roots

* Bring  mroe playfulness into it all

This Is Not For You if...

• You are looking for a 'guru' to heal you or a magic program to change your life. No program or teacher will transform your life unless you are committed to transformation; aka show up and do the work.

• You don't want to put in the effort for the changes to happen aka want to do the same thing as always, yet expect a different result.

 --> Can you see the golden thread --> Want to create a change!

• You who have all the answer, thus not willing to try something new or give it a rerun.

• Who wants 1 on 1 coaching / healing as this is a group course.

( Although for those who wants 1 on 1, there is possibilities for it outside of the course)

• You want to feel and be as you are .


Practise- Practice this exercise before the session as it will help you to get out as much as possible from the session.

Place yourself in a relaxed comfortable position and follow the guidance.

NOTE - Do not listen to while driving or operating machinery.  // Only listen in a place where you can relax and let go.

Practise 1Practise
00:00 / 10:36



Hypnosis - Follow the instructions and you will be in a wonderful relaxing calming state. Once here I will continue to guide you to meaningful moments and emotions. The experience of the hypnotic state is individual as well as can be different for each session


• Expectations - People often expect or want their hypnosis session to be like in a movie. Please know that the experience is very individual , and not what necessarily will bring best result for you.

Instead a key impression can provide the key message. It could provide more of an emotions and sense of knowing.

It is about allowing first impressions to be expressed, and through retelling impressions as they appear, the whole picture and experience unfolds.

Avoid Editing or Analysing - Give an unedited, unanalysed stream of consciousness of what you actually experience, whatever that may be. Just tell me simply what comes up, as it comes up,, and follow the spirit of instructions and questions.

Fantasy or Reality - Everything we have experienced is stored inside of us. Allow yourself to be involved in what's happening and don't pay attention if it feels real or as fantasies. When impressions comes from our inside, they come through our senses, that's what fantasies do too.

So, let go of the thoughts if it is a fantasy or previous memories, and this will help  you to get out the full possibilities of the session.

Communication - When you start to share impressions of what you see, hear, feel or sense, I will guide you into important and meaningful moments. Trust that your subconscious provides all that you need. The more trust we bring in and let go of the conscious analytical, rational mind, the more we open up to the meaningful moments.


You always have an open invitation to speak at any time, even if I haven't asked you a question. This won't disturb your state, it will help you go deeper. I will ask you questions and you will be able to reply.


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